Brideview Utd. AFC Schoolboys

Brideview Utd AFC Schoolboy

Covid 19 Still Winning!!

Yes as we head to almost total lockdown we would like to ask everyone connected with the club to look after their neighbours who may need assistance at this time.  Make sure to follow the informaiton that we get from the H.S.E. regardng washing the hands and keeping a safe distnce from one another.  The next two weeks could be tough, but hopefully we will all come out the other side. 

Panic Bying stops at Centra

Peoplea are now going back to normal shopping Timmy Keniry stated and this is good news for everyone.  We got another deliver this week he said so there is no need to panic.  Kenirys have a delivery service to those people unable to get out shopping especially the elderly.  just give us a call Tim said, and we will look after you. 

W.W.E.C Schoolboy Notes 

Unprecented Times 

Yes never before have we seen so many games postponed in the W.W.E.C. Schoolboy league.  Where do we go from here as we expect the date of March 29th to be extended further.  Indeed we could be talking about months. 
The Schoolboy Football Association of Ireland is expected to extend the date and no doubt all leagues will be informed this week.  They will however follow the advice of the H.S.E. 


League Committee Keep in touch
The League Committee are keeping in touch on almost a daily basis.  What is important is that the committee will have to make some big calls in the coming weeks and perhaps months.  They are looking at all leagues especially the U12's and U16's.
A full league table will appear in this weeks paper and I will write a piece on these leagues.  Ihave to state that this is a personal view and may not be the view of the full committee. Only time will tell and it's all down to how long this Covid-19 will be around for.  Sadly we are told it could last well into the summer.  
Some say it may go on to the end of the summer, let's hope this is not the case, but it is up in the air at the moment. 


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